Training Testimonials

  1. "Jacobs Flight Service is the epitome of professionalism. The facilities and airplanes are always impeccable. Whether it was working on my private or instrument training, Jason and Michael were always willing to go the extra mile to make me a safer and more proficient pilot. I would recommend any pilot to do their training at JFS. I wouldn't look for flight training or other piloting service anywhere else."  ~Brandon Pena
  2. "My experience with Jacobs Flight Services was honestly the most incredible thing I have ever done. I feel like I obtained great knowledge on piloting by one-on-one training and thorough safety practices. Not only do you receive a pilot certificate through JFS, you meet a lot of great people too. I am very happy with the services JFS provided me and I will be training for more ratings through them in the future."    ~Justin Martin
  3. "Jason, it was truly a pleasure meeting you today.
    I thank you for being so cordial and giving me a quick tour. After talking with you and seeing the facilities you have, you certainly make me wish I had found an apartment that is closer to you. I wish you the best and hope to be able to do some training with you in the future. Regards,"
    ~Dave Harbula (814-490-3399)
  4. "I really enjoyed my training  for the tail dragger and the People on you team and I can see myself training at your school in the future."

    ~Greg Lewis
  5. In my view, there is only three types of flight training, 1) bad 2) the minimums & 3) The Right Way. The right way means, systematic procedures, ensure the student completely understands the principles required, and customize the training experience for the specific individual. Jacob's flight services delivers on all counts for the right way. Throw in great instructors, outstanding  service, & a team that goes above and beyond the syllabus to make you comfortable & you have an operation that makes training an absolute pleasure and great value to boot. ~Ean Sugarman
  6. Thanks for the great training experience, that is one fun plane to fly!~Adam Russell
  7. Flew the plane ALL ALONE today! What a rush! Thanks to my great instructors Jason & Mike at Jacobs Flight Services in Clewiston!~Elle "PowderPuff" Berg
  8. Everything was a pleasure from start to finish. Derek, Mike and Doug were extremely professional, helpful and accommodating. The training was great. The facilities were wonderful and you seem to have a perfect airport for your operation. The J3 was very nice and flew very well. Derek was very professional. I never felt rushed or that any corners were being cut. He is obviously a very competent aviator and tail wheel instructor. You are fortunate to have him in your operation.~ Jay Wheeler
  9. I just finished training at Jacobs Flight Service and obtained my Tailwheel Endorsement. The facilities and equipment at JFS were top notch and the staff, even better! They bent over backwards to make sure that my stay and training here went without any complications. I reside in PA so my stay at the local hotel was taken care of by the staff. The training I recieved enabled me to accept a position with a banner tow company later that week. If anyone is considering training at Jacobs Flight Service, I would strongly reccomend this flight school to anyone. I would use them again!~ Mark Brown
  10. I'd like to thank you for your training that you've provided to me. 
    The Tailwheel landing is a unique experience!!! 
    Bob helped me very much to get the "feeling" of the landing and be confident...
    Hopefully i'll come again in Christmas, so may be i'd have the opportunity to fly the Cub and meet you.~Manolis Karachalios
  11. Doug,What a great visit yesterday. My instructor and I flew in to take an exam and were very much impressed with your facility and professional staff. We had a great experience.~Herb Hutchison

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